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VeriPlan is the Best Financial Planning Software for Individuals

Automate your retirement savings and retirement planning projections

VeriPlan’s comprehensive and integrated retirement planning software helps you to plan your retirement much more easily. VeriPlan’s retirement planning calculator tools automate the lifetime financial planning process for your retirement income, retirement pensions, retirement annuities, Social Security payments, retirement expense budget, retirement taxes, and tax-advantaged retirement plans.

VeriPlan’s integrated retirement planning tools enable you to set and adjust your intended retirement ages. You can vary the planned retirement ages of either earner and plan to retire simultaneously or in separate years, when each earner reaches his or her planned retirement age. The VeriPlan retirement income calculator also supports user-adjustable real dollar income assumptions for persons who choose to continue to work beyond the normal retirement age.

Automated tax-advantaged retirement account projections

VeriPlan has automated the development of your lifetime projections by incorporating current tax laws and rules associated with tax-advantaged retirement investment incentive programs such as traditional IRA, Roth, 401k, 403b, SEP, Keogh, and other retirement plans. While simultaneously providing powerful “what-if” user retirement planning controls, the VeriPlan’s IRA retirement calculator and 401k retirement calculator functionality hides the complexity of the tax laws that are associated with these various personal retirement plans and employer-sponsored retirement plans.

For example, the VeriPlan IRA retirement calculator has fully automated the projection of your IRA contributions, deductions, asset growth, withdrawals, and taxes, regarding both traditional IRA accounts and Roth IRA accounts. VeriPlan also automatically projects required minimum distributions from traditional tax-advantaged accounts after age 70 and 1/2. If your projections indicate that you would need to take early withdrawals before age 59 and 1/2, the VeriPlan early retirement calculator automatically projects and extracts both ordinary income taxes and any federal and state early withdrawal penalties due, net of your tax basis is these accounts.

This is a sample of the VeriPlan lifetime retirement calculator graphic that shows projected balances in taxable investment accounts, traditional tax-advantaged retirement accounts, and Roth retirement accounts. This graphic, as well as all the others, is automatically developed for every lifetime planning scenario that you develop with VeriPlan:

IRA Retirement Account Assets

Retirement pension and annuity projections

VeriPlan’s integrated retirement calculator with pension and retirement annuity calculator features will automatically track up to 10 pensions and annuities for you and your spouse across your lives. VeriPlan automatically projects for you the duration of your pension payments and annuity payments, whether your payments begin at you projected retirement date or a different age.

VeriPlan’s retirement annuity calculator and retirement pension calculator features automatically project taxes on your pension and annuity payments by integrating them into VeriPlan’s extensive federal, state, and local income tax projection functionality. Furthermore, the VeriPlan retirement spending calculator allows you to vary the purchasing power of your expected pension and annuity assets and payments relative to inflation both before and after payments begin.

VeriPlan’s comprehensive personal financial planning software automates the analysis of your retirement savings and Social Security income

With the VeriPlan retirement withdrawal calculator, you can adjust your expected ordinary living expense budget in retirement and set the growth rate of your retirement budgeting expenses. You can use VeriPlan’s Expense and Savings Tool to model additional retirement expenses that you might anticipate on a year-by-year basis. You can grow your budget for additional retirement expenses at rates that are below, above, or equal to expected rate of inflation. Furthermore, the integrated VeriPlan retirement investment calculator automatically projects your required annual lifetime investment portfolio asset withdrawal rates for you.

Concerning your Social Security retirement payments, with VeriPlan’s integrated Social Security retirement calculator, you can set current levels for those entitlements. You can adjust the age at which you would begin to receive Social Security payments, which could differ from the age that you actually stop working. Furthermore, VeriPlan allows you to scale back your Social Security payment expectations, given the significant uncertainty that surrounds the funding viability of the U.S. Social Security system.

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