Going Back to College

VeriPlan is the Best Financial Planning Software for Individuals

Evaluate the financial trade-offs associated with mid-career education

VeriPlan’s personal financial planning software helps you to evaluate the financial trade offs associated with mid-career education and going back to college. VeriPlan’s personal finance software helps you to determine whether your current personal earnings, savings rate, and investment strategy could lead to a sustainable personal financial plan over your lifetime. VeriPlan’s sophisticated and fully integrated personal financial management software also enables you to test how earning, spending, and saving more or less would affect the viability of your financial plan in the future.

In addition to projecting your ordinary living expenses across your lifetime, VeriPlan’s extensive future value calculator functionality also lets you plan for major expenditures, including mid-career education costs, which are intended to increase your lifetime career earnings potential. A separate section of VeriPlan’s Expense and Savings Tool provides a detailed example of how to use VeriPlan’s personal finance software as a Mid-Career Education Planning Tool to model the financial trade-offs associated with going back to college or graduate school for career advancement.

When you use VeriPlan as a mid-career education planning tool, you can:

  1. Experiment with changes to your future earnings potential, including different future earned income growth rates
  2. Model any earned income lost or any changes in your living expenses, during your return to school
  3. Grow your future educational expenses at rates that may equal or differ from expected inflation
  4. Offset expected education costs by any anticipated employer tuition reimbursement, scholarships, and educational loans
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Personal Financial Planning Software for Individuals


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