Stock Asset Allocation

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Project the value of your stock and equity assets across your lifetime

To develop your investment growth projections, VeriPlan’s stock investment calculator software allows you can enter as many as 99 separate stock and equity asset holdings. For each of your current stock and equity holdings, you can also enter your investment portfolio costs and your tax basis. In addition, you can indicate whether you hold a particular stock or equity asset 1) in a taxable investment account; 2) in a traditional IRA, 401k, 403b, 457, or other traditional retirement plan investment account; or 3) in a Roth IRA or designated Roth 401k, 403b, or 457 account.

Internally, the VeriPlan compound investment calculator maintains separate information for each of your individual asset accounts throughout your lifetime projections. The VeriPlan financial investment calculator automatically projects your overall portfolio tax efficiency and investment efficiency for each year of your lifetime projection.

VeriPlan’s investment calculator software does this even though the net values of your individual asset holdings may change at different rates due to differences in investment returns, costs, and taxes. By avoiding the use of arbitrary averages across groups of investors, the VeriPlan mutual fund investment calculator can provide you with much deeper insight into your projected personal finance and retirement planning circumstances.

This is a VeriPlan future value investment calculator graphic with a decreasing allocation to equity or stock investments as the user ages:

Stock Market Asset Allocation

The VeriPlan long term investment calculator software automatically rebalances your stock and equity assets annually over your lifetime

Using the information that you provide about your current cash, bond, and stock asset holdings, the VeriPlan hypothetical investment calculator automatically measures the annual net worth, return on investment, investment cost, and tax characteristics of your current financial asset portfolio. Next, it performs a cash flow analysis and projection of your year-by-year positive and/or negative net income from your earned income and your other non-asset income sources, after your annual living expenses would be paid. Then, the VeriPlan investment calculator spreadsheet automatically projects your overall net annual investment portfolio returns and asset portfolio values according to the particular asset allocation method that you have chosen from among the five that are provided by VeriPlan’s asset allocation calculator tool.

Simultaneously, the VeriPlan retirement planning calculator will automatically take into account and report on your capital gains tax obligations and investment costs. Your VeriPlan compounding investment calculator projections always maintain a separation between your taxable accounts, your traditional IRA, 401k and other traditional retirement investment accounts, and your Roth IRA and Roth 401k accounts.

Taxes on your projected asset returns and withdrawals are applied differently, depending upon the current rules for each type of retirement plan account. Your current investment costs allow VeriPlan to measure the cost efficiency of your financial asset portfolio related to the five major types of investment costs. VeriPlan’s cost efficiency measurements are weight-adjusted by the value of the assets that you hold in each of your cash, bond, and stock asset accounts across you lifetime.

VeriPlan is the Best Early Retirement Calculator for individuals!

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