About the author

Lawrence J. Russell is the author of this website and the books offered through this website. He is also the architect and developer of the VeriPlan software discussed on this website. He holds a BS from M.I.T. (1975), MA from Brandeis University (1979), and MBA from Stanford University (1982). Larry is a former business executive with a background in corporate and start-up business management, long range planning, and investment management.

Larry’s knowledge of personal financial planning and investing has been developed through:

  • management of Lawrence Russell and Company, a California Registered Investment Adviser, where Larry develops comprehensive lifetime financial and investment plans for clients exclusively on a direct client-paid fee-only basis
  • studying the finance research literature in depth for the past 10+ years to find evidence of which financial planning and investment strategies actually work
  • design and development of VeriPlan, which is comprehensive financial planning software that supports do-it-yourself development of lifetime financial and retirement plans
  • twenty-five years of prior corporate and start-up management experience in the business development, product management, financial planning, corporate development, and investment functions, including seven years with Hewlett-Packard and seven years with Sun Microsystems

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