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A Financial Decision Tool That Becomes Increasingly Valuable Over Time

Find VERIPLAN:   Do-It-Yourself Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning Software

As a financial decision tool, VeriPlan becomes increasingly valuable with the passage of time

Summary: While VeriPlan is an genuine bargain because of its low cost, it is an even greater bargain, when you consider that VeriPlan has no built-in obsolescence and that it can be used productively for years. We have engineered VeriPlan, so that you can change and update its important assumptions yourself. You do not need to buy a new version every year to stay current.

Because of this, VeriPlan can become even more valuable with the passage of time. As you learn about how VeriPlan works and what it can do for you, you can also update any of your personal income, expense, debt, tax, asset and other information in VeriPlan. For example, if federal, state, or local tax rates and tax limits change in the future, you can just change them in VeriPlan by yourself. You do not need to buy a new release to stay current.

Given the importance of doing better at personal financial decision-making, it really does not take much to pay back the $39.95 cost of VeriPlan. Just one slightly improved decision regarding an investment purchase could repay the cost of VeriPlan many times over. When you consider that you can keep using and updating VeriPlan over the years, then a very good bargain becomes an even greater bargain. (Take control of your family’s financial planning)

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