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Carnival of Financial Planning – January 24 2008 Edition

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Welcome to the January 24, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Financial Planning.

The Carnival of Financial Planning takes a long-term view of personal financial planning for individuals and families. We focus on efficient and sustainable personal financial planning practices that can lead to lifetime financial security.

This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse efficiently.


The Skilled Investor


Jay M presents Re-evaluate and measure your marketing strategy in 10 steps posted at 4 entrepreneur, saying, “Re-evaluate and measure your marketing strategy in 10 steps”

SpiKe presents Be A Smart Shopper During The Sales posted at Organize IT.


LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents How The World’s Cheapest Car Is Bad For Your Wallet posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, saying, “India’s making the world’s cheapest car. Expect gas prices to increase.”

Goldfish presents Why Buying a Luxury Car is Smarter than Buying a Luxury Home posted at Contrarian Goldfish.

Financial Planning

Ryan-Careonecredit presents Keeping an Eye on the U.S. Dollar posted at Care on Credit, saying, “Listening to the experts talk about inflation and the Consumer Price Index can become bewildering when you don’t understand how these economic indicators affect you. Here’s a quick primer to prepare you for the financial report on tonight’s news.”

Matthew Paulson presents Use The Gift Card Now or You’ll Lose it to the State’s Piggy Bank posted at American Consumer News.

kdickson presents What should you do when you strike it rich? – 7 ways to benefit from windfalls, bonuses, and other ‘found’ money! posted at InvestorBlogger, saying, “This article provides some suggestions on how to handle sudden bonuses or windfalls.”

Four Pillars presents My New Asset Allocation (Part XIV) posted at Quest For Four Pillars, saying, “Four Pillars talks about his new and improved asset allocation. Lots of great Bernstein discussion in the comments.”

Marie Claire Cooper presents 10 Easy Steps to STOP Shopping Addiction and Compulsive Spending (Shopaholism) posted at Personal Finance Management Guide.

Ginger presents Girls Just Wanna Have Funds: A Personal Finance Blog About My Journey To Financial Freedom posted at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, saying, “Being poor is expensive. They pay extra in the areas of personal banking, credit, job and healthcare and in a nutshell it sucks to be poor. But, there is a silver lining.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Banking On Money posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog, saying, “humor about balancing your checkbook”

KCLau presents Top 10 Personal Finance Books in History posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “A list of the top 10 books which provide rich insight into issues related to personal finance.”

changeyourtree presents Two Simple Savings Concepts You Should Be Utilizing But Probably Aren?t posted at Change Your Tree, saying, “Winning with money requires the use of many different techniques all working together. Here are two great techniques that will build great strength in your finances.”

Matthew Paulson presents CHECKING OUT COUNSELORS OF CREDIT posted at American Consumer News.

David B. Bohl presents Small Business Trends Column – Who Else (Besides a Majority of Business Professionals) Wants Work Life Balance in 2008? posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “A nationwide survey sheds some light as to what people think will help them achieve their business goals in 2008. What made the top of the list? Achieving a work-life balance!”

chica with issues presents How to calculate your net worth posted at One Snarky Chica with Issues.

Ryan presents Get Off Cheap Making Your Kids Rich posted at Building Millionaire Money Habits, saying, “Thanks for hosting. Here’s a description: Wouldn’t it be a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that you kids or grandchildren will not have to worry about money, and they can retire millionaires? You don’t have to dream about it. It can easily happen.”

Ginger presents Who Buys the Milk? posted at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, saying, “We’ve all see the same Judge Joe Brown or Judge Judy case where the ex takes the other to court about financial disputes including but not limited to bank fees, credit card bills, rent, personal loans and the like. So what’s a newly shacked couple to do? Do they discuss the possible breakup now or do they jump in head first?”

Aaron Anderson presents What A Tripod Can Teach You About Online Business… posted at Online Business Blog.

Financing a Home

Ted Stearns presents 4 Tips To Surviving The Real Estate Market posted at Seasoned TradeLines, saying, “It is easy to get caught up in the hysteria surrounding the real estate market. I offer 4 tips to help you stay focused and survive the slump.”

Mitch McDonald presents Sell Your House And Rent It Back: Avoid Foreclosure posted at FYI About.com.

Financing Education

Fred Black presents Honesty posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Phil B. presents Short-Term versus Long-Term Capital Gains « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Short-term investments must have a higher return just to guarantee the same profit over long-term investments because of the differences between short-term and long-term capital gains tax.”

Health Care

Colin Robertson presents medFICO Score Coming to a Hospital Near You posted at The Truth About Credit Cards.com.


Wenchypoo presents Income or Outlay posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

FMF presents 11 Great Ways to Earn More Money posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “A good list on how to make more money.”

Ron Ruiz presents Growing a Home Business posted at The Business Ideas-Making Money Blog.

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents How I made $1921.11 In Passive Income Last Month posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS.


MM presents How to Play the Dollar/Yuan Carry Trade posted at PFBlog.com: The Unique Personal Finance Blog Since 2003.

The Stock Teacher presents Tips For Cutting Down On Trading Fees posted at Stock Investment, saying, “Advice on how to cut down on your stock trading fees and improve your returns!”

Market Breaker presents Getting An Edge On The Market posted at Stock Investing Tips, saying, “A few ways to maximize your returns and get an edge on the market!”

Investing Angel presents Invest In What You Know posted at Stock Tips, saying, “If you are going to beat the market, you will need to do something better than most investors out there. This is no easy task. Remember, most money is managed by professionals. To beat the market, you need to know something that most professionals don’t know about the stocks you trade.”

RacerX presents Common Investor Mistakes Revealed posted at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money, saying, “So many people starting out make little mistake which can cost them big buck, not just now but moving forward since you need to take adventage of the Power of Compounding to really make a huge nest-egg!”

Allen Taylor presents Is Your Annuity Good or Bad? posted at Investing World Today, saying, “Annunities are a misunderstood investment vehicle. I break down the good and bad of Annunities so you can better understand them.”

Slackerwealth presents Reinvesting Dividends — Good Idea or Bad? posted at A Slacker’s Quest for His First Million, saying, “Discusses benefits and drawbacks of reinvesting dividends.”

Larry Russell presents Fund Authority Scores – Taking the Snake Oil Out of Investment Fund Evaluation posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog, saying, “Superior mutual fund and ETF performance charts are the sales tools of modern financial snake oil salesmen. They allow investment fund promoters to market selectively their supposedly superior funds and to allege that their excessively high fees are worth it. Lured in by superior past performance, most often individual investors will get mediocre future performance before costs and even worse performance after costs.”

Dividends4Life presents Dividends4Life: Sometimes Being Right Is Just Wrong posted at Dividends4Life, saying, “Life and investing have a lot in common. Among other things, both have rules that must be adhered to.”

Warren Wong presents How To Learn To Make A Good Investment posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Describes the most effective method for learning to invest well.”

Jose DeJesus MD presents Market Timing – When is the Best Time to Invest New Money posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Investing Angel presents Tips For Shorting Stocks posted at Stock Tips, saying, “In today’s unstable market, many people are considering shorting stocks. This might be because they believe the market is going to get worse, so they want to bet against the market or they just wish to hedge their bets.”

The Dividend Guy presents The Dividend Guy Investment Process Part 7: Fundamental Analysis: Debt, ROE, and Payout Ratio posted at The Dividend Guy Blog, saying, “I have a series of posts going that describes my investing process, from start to finish. This post deals with the fundamental analysis of dividend stocks.”

The Investor presents Being fearfully greedy: Why I buy in bear markets posted at Monevator.com, saying, “Rather than whimpering in a bear market, if you’re well-positioned you should be whooping with joy that you’ve got an unlooked for chance to buy the same shares you were buying last month for 10%, 20%, or even 50% less than you expected to pay.”

Jose DeJesus MD presents The Market Crash America Missed posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Larry Russell presents The Fund Authority Score – A Better Mutual Fund and ETF Rating System posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog, saying, “With the Fund Authority Score system, individual investors can make concise and objective mutual fund and ETF comparisons. Fund Authority Scores are based on cost, performance, and other measures, which are correlated with better long term buy-and-hold investment results.”

Slackerwealth presents If You Must Time the Market, Buy When Fear Takes Hold posted at A Slacker’s Quest for His First Million, saying, “The majority of retail investors lose money on the stock market. I argue that if individual investors really want to time the market, they should save their money and wait until the market crashes.”

Managing Debt

Jacob presents I don’t need an emergency fund, I have a credit card posted at Early Retirement Extreme.

Raymond presents Zero Percent Balance Transfer Credit Cards With No Fees | Money Blue Book posted at Money Blue Book, saying, “Use zero percent and low interest balance transfers to alleviate debt temporarily. It’s a short term fix I’ve used before to carry me through financially difficult periods. Just remember to pay the balance off by the promotional period.”

Lauren Rose presents 7 Common Sense Tips to Eliminate Credit Card Debt posted at No Debt Anymore .org, saying, “Why is credit card debt so hard to eliminate? Are you taking a cash advance from one credit card to pay the required 5% minimum payment on another credit card debt! Here are 7 common sense guidelines to eliminate credit card debt.”

Retirement Planning

FIRE Getters presents Retirement Costs Money – Will We Have Enough? posted at FIRE Finance.

Kurt Brouwer presents First Baby Boomers To Retire Are Doing Well posted at Fundmastery Blog, saying, “First baby boomers to retire are doing well and are also postponing Social Security.”

Super Saver presents A Retirement Tax Strategy – Minimizing the Tax Impact of Roth IRA Conversions posted at My Wealth Builder, saying, “For early retirees, converting a regular IRA to a Roth IRA may help use up tax credits and itemized deduction that may otherwise go unused.”

Mark Runta presents What Kind of Retirement Are You Planning? posted at Smart Investing & Money Management, saying, “Consider your retirement options and then plan a strategy to realize your dreams.”

PT presents Target Date Funds: I Just Rebalanced My 401K For the Last Time! maybe posted at Prime Time Money.


nickel presents Stretching Your Savings in Retirement posted at fivecentnickel.com.


Henry Bagdasarian presents Tax Filer Identity Theft Risks posted at Free Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Fraud Solutions.

Sagar presents 50 Tools and Resources for Freelancers During Tax Season posted at Bootstrapper.

ccwatcher presents IRS Hassle is Your Gain: Why a Business Miles Card is Better than a Cash Back Business Card posted at Credit Card Watcher, saying, “Do you own a small business or have schedule C income? See why using a mileage rewards credit card may be better than a cash back card for you.”


Meredith presents 5 Smart Financial Moves for Teens posted at the simple nickle, saying, “It hasn’t been long since I was a teen. Now that I’m an ‘adult,’ there are many things I wish I had known and done during my high school years, particularly when it comes to money. Not only would starting then have given me precious time to sock away and grow the money I had, it would have given me invaluable practice for when I had more serious cash and obligations to deal with. Smart teens will take advantage of this time and make these smart money moves.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Financial Planning using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Personal Financial Planning

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