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Financial Articles and Personal Finance Advice from Personal Finance Blogs – November 1 2008

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Carnival of Financial Planning – November 1 2008 Edition

Welcome to the November 1, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Financial Planning.

The Carnival of Financial Planning takes a long-term view of personal financial planning for individuals and families. We focus on efficient and sustainable personal financial planning practices that can lead to lifetime financial security.

This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse efficiently.


The Skilled Investor


Abby Freedman presents Frugal expense-check posted at i pick up pennies, saying, “Once you’ve trimmed the obvious — buying your lunch, Starbucks, etc — there are still plenty of small expenses you’re going to want to check on.”

Pasadena Financial Planner presents Living Expense Tracking Methods posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.


MoneyNing presents Even A Decade Long Recession Will Be Okay posted at Money Ning, saying, “We will all come out of this okay!”

nickel presents Second Stimulus Package? Another Check Might be on the Way posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Financial Planning

Jim presents Define Class with Financial Planning Time Horizons posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Credit Shout presents Credit Cards: To Cancel or Not to Cancel posted at CreditShout.

Little Thomas presents The Get Rich Mentality posted at Soon to be Debt Free, saying, “I have studied the wealthy for much of my life, hoping to glean the secrets of their success. Despite this, I am now 35 years old and deeply in debt. Where did I go wrong? Oddly enough, one of the lessons I have learned in my quest to become debt free seems to be the fundamental lesson I have been missing all along.”

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Best Retirement and Finance Guides for Seniors | Senior Communities Blog posted at Zarabianie na blogach.

Jim presents Best CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, saying, “With the Fed lowering the interest rates, now’s a good time to lock in a higher rate CD before banks react and lower rates.”

Livingalmostlarge presents Dropped by Bank of America posted at LivingAlmostLarge, saying, “I thought I had covered myself with a HELOC, turns out not!”

KCLau presents Financial Consideration for New Parents in Malaysia posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Recently, there is an interesting post written by Xin Lu at Wisebread about the financial consideration of having a newborn baby. The article is more catered to the situation in the USA. Although it might differ in terms of currency, the other facts might similar and worth our study. This sparks the idea of writing this post to share with you the financial side of being a new parent in Malaysia.”

Larry Russell presents Financial Planning Reading List posted at Pasadena Financial Planner

Financing a Home

Greg Shuey presents Who Is The Best Candidate For An FHA Streamline Refinance? posted at Utah Mortgage.


MoneyNing presents Do Your Own Stock Analysis posted at Investing School, saying, “Stock analysis is a must to make money in the stock market!”

The Shark Investor presents Is Investing A Big Fat Lie? posted at The Shark Investor, saying, “Seems like investing is not what we thought”

Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividend Aristocrats are outperforming the markets in 2008 posted at Dividend Growth Investor.

Bill Spohnholtz presents Float – Authorized – Outstanding Shares – Oh My! posted at Learn The Stock Market And How to Trade.

FIRE Getters presents Investing – Which Stock Market Indexes to Choose? posted at FIRE Finance.

Dividends4Life presents If It Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck, Then It Must Be an AFLAC (AFL) Dividend Increase and Others posted at Dividends 4 Life, saying, “When I first started dividend investing, I erroneously focused on current dividend yield. I was fortunate enough to accidentally buy some good dividend stocks and hold them long enough to figure out the “secret” of dividend investing.”

Jed Norwood presents Why You May Fail Going From Demo to Real posted at Forex Strategy Secrets, saying, “Forex trading is a unique way to invest your money that gives you the most control. This tip on how what you think and feel effects is a powerful one for any beginner.”

Ripe Trade presents 401k strategy Best seasonal period posted at Ripe Trade, saying, “I have noticed a couple of longer term signals that I believe are indicative of an important longer term buy signal. The 1st is the bullish seasonal I will describe here. And 2nd Is identifying bear market bottoms explained in the post below.”

cody butler presents Oct 27, Financial Crisis Or Opportunity? posted at Investment-For-Beginners Blog.

Joe Hayes presents Free Forex Tips posted at FreeForexTips.Info, saying, “Great free tips for those considering forex (foreign exchange) currency trading. Not sure I can pull the trigger yet but some folks make alot of money doing it.”

Richard M. Rothschild presents Bond Market Index Funds posted at Bond Market Index Funds.

Frank Vertin presents Top 10 S and P 500 Index Funds posted at NO LOAD INDEX FUNDS

Managing Debt

CreditAddict presents Surviving the Economic Crisis With Your Credit Intact posted at CreditAddict.

Retirement Planning

TheMoneyHawk presents Bamboozled: The Social Security Lie posted at The Money Hawk, saying, “A statement today by Barrack Obama really motivated me to get the ball rolling on a Social Security article. I was miffed when the Bush administration failed to privatize social security. I’m even more miffed that politicians are still using this failed system to try and buy votes from the generally uninformed electorate.”

Risk Management and Insurance

Khan presents Clearing Up Insurance Myths posted at Higher Education and Career Blog, saying, “We asked Dick Hospital, the Vice President of Underwriting for GEICO Insurance, to help dispel some of the most commonly held insurance myths”


marjorie presents How Much Are You Really Making Per Hour? posted at Wealth Junkies, saying, “When you’re looking for a new job, it’s important to be aware of your real hourly wage, beyond the taxes automatically taken out. You might be offered a higher wage at a new job, but is it really that much of a better deal? Will your commute remain the same? Or will you need to pay more in transportation costs? Will you have to pay any costs to move your retirement accounts? Will your current wardrobe be appropriate? Or will you need to buy new clothes? Will you be traveling more, and paying for more calls home and other costs? A new job can quickly turn into an expensive proposition. In this article, learn how to calculate your real hourly wage. It’s pretty easy.”

Online Dividends presents How to deal with falling interest rates? posted at Blogging Banks.

Larry Russell presents The Top 25 Low Cost Best US Money Market Funds posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog.


Barb A. Ryan presents Asset Allocation, Investment Asset Tax Location, and Emergency Cash Management posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.


FMF presents The Payouts on High Efficiency Gas Furnaces posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Saving money by picking the right furnace.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Financial Planning using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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