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Financial Articles and Personal Finance Advice from Personal Finance Blogs – November 22 2008

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Carnival of Financial Planning – November 22 2008 Edition

Welcome to the November 22, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Financial Planning.

The Carnival of Financial Planning takes a long-term view of personal financial planning for individuals and families. We focus on efficient and sustainable personal financial planning practices that can lead to lifetime financial security.

This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse efficiently.


The Skilled Investor


Tony Huynh presents Money: What Steps I Have Taken to Save It posted at LimitlessUnits.com, saying, “This article is about patching up the leaks and keeping all that money you make.”

Livingalmostlarge presents Finances before Marriage? posted at LivingAlmostLarge.

Jeremy Zongker presents 76 Ways to Save Money While Saving the Environment posted at Destroy Debt.

Jim presents How to Access International ATMs posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Pasadena Financial Planner presents Living Expense Tracking Methods posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.


The Shark Investor presents How YOUR Saving Advice Caused The Financial Crisis posted at The Shark Investor, saying, “A little rant to fellow bloggers”

Financial Planning

Tushar Mathur presents Obama’s “Revitalize the Economy” Agenda posted at Everything Finance, saying, “According to Barack Obama’s transition web site, the number ONE issue that the Obama administration will address is “Revitalize the Economy”. The step-by-step plan on how to do it has also been outlined. I hope this level of transparency with the American People is maintained throughout Obama’s Presidency.”

Shaun Connell presents How to Get an Online Savings Account posted at Financial Planning, saying, “Free tutorial! Learn how to turn your money into more money with an online savings account. Don’t worry, this is risk-free, government backed and guaranteed to earn at least 2.75% per year.”

Jeremy Zongker presents Save Money By Reducing Household Expenses posted at Money Blog.

Shaun Kavanagh presents Surviving A Recession posted at Kavmerica.com, saying, “Economic downfall tends to have a domino effect. People become worried they may lose their job, so they cut back on spending. The problem is everyone cuts back on spending. Before you know it those people that cut back aren’t spending their money at your store and you are out of a job. There are a few things you can do to help lessen the impact of a recession.”

Michael Haltman presents Would You Believe We Are In Recession? posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator, saying, “You are not going to believe this, but today I heard that the data suggests that despite the fact GDP had only one quarter of contraction, it appears that we are in recession. Technically we would need two consecutive quarters, but many market analysts, those seers of reaction and not proaction, with a smattering of arm chair quarterbacking after the facts have seemingly been established thrown in, think we are already there.”

The Dough Roller presents The Easy Guide to Money Management posted at The Dough Roller, saying, “Sound money management can seem overwhelming at times, but it really comes down to some very basic concepts. This guide walks through 10 tips that can help you get your finances back on track.”

Michael Bass presents Should you cosign for a friend or family member? posted at Debt Prison, saying, “Whether it’s a car or a motorcycle, co-signing on a loan for a friend or family member is a bad idea. First of all… you are helping someone throw money down the drain via interest charges. Now before you bring up the ‘helping to build anothers credit’ fallacy… I’d quickly point out that a lifetime of credit use is a lifetime of throwing dollars out the window (for lack of a better metaphor).”

Larry Russell presents Financial Planning Reading List posted at Pasadena Financial Planner

Financing a Home

Dollar Frugal presents Update On Tap Water Savings posted at Dollar Frugal.

Joe Manausa presents Discover The Secret To Making A Perfect Home Buying Offer posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “There are so many infomercials and advertisements claiming that you can buy a home for mere pennies on the dollar that many potential home buyers are confused about what they should do. The goal of this short article is to help you develop a mindset that will allow you to buy the home of your dreams without paying too much for the home.”

Financing Education

DebbieDragon presents Free College Education Exists posted at Destroy Debt.

Khan presents A trip through the inner workings of the student loan system posted at Higher Education and Career Blog, saying, “Take the stress out of repayment by being smart. Know how the student loan system works, and come up with your own strategy.”

Don presents Poor Economy Affecting Student Loan Programs posted at D.P. Lawson, saying, “The the economy downturn, many Banks and Lenders found their self holding a lot of bad student loans. Now that they’ve had a cash infusion from Uncle Sam, many are tightening lending requirements making it harder for Students to find financial aid so they can continue their education.”

CreditShout presents College Students and Credit Card Debt posted at CreditShout.


Jayson Gibson presents Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008? What’s At Stake? posted at New Homes Section Blog, saying, “Information about the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008. Details about problems in our current economy and how each problem relates to the Hope for Homeowners Act of 2008.”

Market Breaker presents It’s Been A Brutal Year posted at Stock Investing Tips, saying, “This year has been the worst year for the stock market since the Great Depression.”

Dorian Wales presents The Bull Trap Snapped – What Now? posted at The Personal Financier, saying, “My spontaneous observations on recent events”

Curt presents Investing In Oil posted at PennyJobs.com.

Big Cajun Man presents Is it Safe? posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “Is it safe?”

Praveen presents Is Porsche the New Goldman Sachs? posted at My Simple Trading System.

Investing Angel presents Learning Financial Planning through Asset Allocation » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips, saying, “Some ways to learn about financial planning.”

FIRE Getters presents Simple Strategies to Inflation Proof a Portfolio! posted at FIRE Finance.

FMF presents How I Easily Improved My Investment Returns Using Vanguard Admiral Shares posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “An easy way to improve your investment returns.”

ABC presents Investment Time Horizon posted at ABCs of Investing, saying, “A brief description of investment time horizon.”

Dividends4Life presents Sysco (SYY) Raises Qtr. Dividend by 9% and Others posted at Dividends 4 Life, saying, “I am not a stock trader; I am a dividend and value based long-term buy-and-hold investor. When I add a stock to my dividend portfolio, it is my intention to hold the stock forever. However, I have one hard and fast rule about selling stocks:”

Super Saver presents Stock Market Buying Opportunity? – Not for Me posted at My Wealth Builder, saying, “I’m waiting for either a Dow 4,000 or Dow 12,000 before investing new money. With the current turmoil and more to come, I think a Dow 4,000 may come first. :-(”

Investing School presents Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E) posted at Investing School, saying, “Learn everything you need to know about the price per earnings ratio!”

Dave presents Should I Sell My Stocks? posted at Cheapo Groovo.

Managing Debt

Trisha Wagner presents ClearOne Advantage Company Review posted at Debt Free Destiny.

Mr Credit Card presents Negotiating With Your Credit Card Company | Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

PabloPabla presents Getting Your Life Back on Track by Building Your Credit posted at The Credit Card Debt Relief Site, saying, “Get your life back! Start rebuilding your credit with these tips.”

Andrew Cocks presents Best Credit Card Debt Settlement System posted at Debt Settlement System.

Ben Dinsmore presents If You Use It, Use It Well posted at Trees Full of Money, saying, “To many people credit cards are a necessary evil. Using credit cards unwisely can lead to significant debt, exorbitant monthly payments and eventual financial trouble.”

Lane Wright presents Personal Loans via Social Lending posted at Fast Signature Loan.

CreditAddict presents How to Evaluate Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers posted at CreditAddict, saying, “Interested in using a 0% balance transfer to rid yourself of unwanted debt? This article provides a rundown of what to look for when searching for the best offer.”

Andrea Smith presents Checklist for Those on Debt Management Plan | Consolidate4Free: Debt Consolidation Information posted at Free Debt Consolidation: Qualified Financial Management.

Debt Wizard presents Some Helpful Tips To Not Abuse Your Credit Card posted at Money Help, saying, “Prone to spending too much and missing payments on your credit card? Here are a few tips.”

Risk Management and Insurance

KCLau presents Buy term and invest the difference posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “In this post, I will share my view about the reality and practical part of making use of this well-known strategy of buying term and investing the difference.”


Silicon Valley Blogger presents High Yield Savings Account Interest Rates: Changes Ahead? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “We’re on an interest rate downtrend, so how does this bode for our savings?”

MoneyNing presents Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) posted at Money Ning, saying, “FSA are one of the few ways of helping us save money on child care that can get very expensive! Remember to take advantage of it for the year of 2009!”

Jeremy Zongker presents Good Saving Habits Start Early posted at Money Blog.


nickel presents 2009 Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits posted at fivecentnickel.com.

Barb A. Ryan presents Asset Allocation, Investment Asset Tax Location, and Emergency Cash Management posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.


George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To – How To Avoid Junk Fees posted at George L Smyth, saying, “George L Smyth explains how to identify and avoid the junk fees that are added without your knowledge.”

The Smarter Wallet presents Charitable Giving: How To Make Your Charity Donations Count For More posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Thanks!”

Heather Johnson presents 100 Awesome Ivy League Video Lectures posted at Online Universities.com.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Financial Planning using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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