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Where to invest in low cost mutual funds and ETFs

Find VERIPLAN:   Do-It-Yourself Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning Software

With this investment book about ETF and mutual funds fees and expenses, you can lower your portfolio investing costs, reduce your portfolio risk exposure, and understand how to invest in stocks and bonds funds directly

This article is about a low cost investing book which is among the most helpful books on personal investing that you can find. Titled Low Cost Mutual Funds and ETFs, this investing book addresses what is the largest challenge that most personal investors face: investment costs that are far too high.

In addition, the low cost investing book provides an easy to understand and clear [...]

Financial and industrial demand for silver

Find VERIPLAN:   Do-It-Yourself Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning Software

Reasons why silver demand is on the rise

Precious metals have been on the decline as the Federal Reserve Bank has reduced and eliminated its last quantative easing stimulus program. Given gold prices today, many investors are convinced that the sentiment for gold and silver will mostly be bearish until next year. However, the price slump of gold and silver is not enough reason for some overseas central banks and US and overseas private investors to sell their precious metal assets. The People’s Bank of China, for example, is not concerned about amassing gold, since it wishes to be a [...]

A Solid Credit Score for Young People

Find VERIPLAN:   Do-It-Yourself Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning Software

Why a Solid Credit Score Might Be a Young Person’s Best Investment

It’s easy for young investors to get ahead of themselves, diving in headfirst without learning the basics of trading stocks or by attempting to exploit inefficiencies in the futures markets, when only they themselves are being exploited. The truth, however, is that failing to walk before you run can actually be detrimental to both your portfolio and other aspects of your financial life. In particular, your credit standing is one often-overlooked financial consideration that it truly pays not to neglect.

Simply put, credit scores are not sexy. Perhaps [...]