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Use Scientifically Based Financial Planning Strategies

Find VERIPLAN:   Do-It-Yourself Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning Software

VeriPlan is designed to help you pursue scientifically based financial planning strategies

VeriPlan offers you unprecedented direct control to perform your own automated personal financial planning. VeriPlan’s functionality also implements the principles of scientific finance. VeriPlan’s internal documentation and its links to information on the web help you to understand scientifically based personal financial planning and investment strategies.

VeriPlan’s functionality reflects a belief that individuals will follow optimal, scientifically proven financial planning and investment strategies, if they understand them and have appropriate and powerful planning tools. VeriPlan’s simple premise is that people want to get the most out of their money in a manner that addresses their needs across their lifecycle. While this objective is a ‘no-brainer,’ achievement of this objective requires steady and conscientious implementation over a lifetime. VeriPlan helps you to understand and to adopt financial practices that are more likely to achieve your lifetime objectives.

Providing extensive documentation embedded directly into the product where you need to find it, VeriPlan explains why various features have been implemented and how to use them. In addition, by providing links to scientific finance articles on The Skilled Investor website and elsewhere on the web, VeriPlan helps you to understand scientifically based personal financial strategies.

Whether you are well off or you intend to become so, VeriPlan is capable of generating lifecycle projections about your financial affairs. Explicitly or implicitly, every financial tool is designed with certain points-of-view. If you use a financial planning tool like VeriPlan, you should understand its viewpoints. On a separate, internal “Viewpoints” worksheet, VeriPlan explains many of the viewpoints that have influenced its design. As a sampling, some of these viewpoints include:

* Your personal earnings, expenditures, and savings are the most important and most reliable determinants of your family’s long-term financial wealth. Pay the most attention to them.

* There is no such thing as risk-free money from investing for individuals. You need to allocate your financial assets in a manner that reflects your relative tolerance for investment risk. You need to stay in the securities markets to earn market risk premiums. You need to build asset buffers to protect yourself from unpredictable market volatility and unplanned personal financial setbacks.

* Passive, index-oriented investment strategies tend to be superior, because they narrow the range of outcomes, and thus, they reduce the total investment risk associated with your portfolio. You should always completely diversify your portfolio. Own investment funds rather than individual securities. VeriPlan can easily model and project the value of your individual securities holdings, but low cost, fully diversified funds are more likely to achieve your lifetime objectives.

* Excessive visible and hidden investment costs tend to reduce the potential growth and value of your portfolio unnecessarily and dramatically. Cut your investment costs aggressively and keep cutting them. Pay yourself and not someone else.

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Personal Financial Planning

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