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As a personal financial planning software product, VeriPlan is licensed directly to end users for the personal and non-commercial use of one household. The VeriPlan software product consists of the VeriPlan, software, numerous additional files in the download folder, and a household End User License to Use the VeriPlan software.

Your $49.95 payment is to be made in U.S. dollars. California residents will pay sales tax. Orders from residents of other states will not be charged sales tax.

VeriPlan is only appropriate for persons and their families who are subject to United States federal income tax laws. Non-U.S. taxpayers should read the tax note that follows.

For United States Taxpayers:

VeriPlan licenses are available for purchase only to personal, non-commercial buyers who are subject to United States taxes. VeriPlan's projections model current U.S. tax laws, rules, regulations, rates, and limitations. Furthermore, VeriPlan incorporates current U.S. tax laws regarding tax-advantaged retirement investment accounts, which can significantly affect projected asset values and the order and timing of investment portfolio asset deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, it would not be appropriate for persons to use VeriPlan, who are subject to other national tax jurisdictions.

These terms of purchase are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Lawrence Russell and Company, but will not change for any order that has already been received from a customer.