VeriPlan's investment growth calculator helps you to project the size of your estate in future years

Estate projection software

Your investment portfolio and other property assets are simply your evolving estate. These valuable assets could become your estate at any time. As you proceed through life and become more successful financially, you need to monitor the size and trajectory of your potential estate.

Estate planning can be extremely complex, and VeriPlan does not attempt to model the intricacies of what could happen to your assets after you are gone. Particularly if you can already use the term ‘million’ in describing your total assets, then you really need a competent estate planning attorney who can help you to understand what to do now and how things might change for you in the future.

While you live, however, VeriPlan can be a very useful personal financial planning tool, in part because of its sophisticated personal cash flow analysis capabilities. The VeriPlan personal finance software can project the future value of your assets for estate planning purposes. VeriPlan's future value calculator functionality will help you to anticipate when in the future the value of your assets might reach points that are critical for estate planning purposes.

VeriPlan's sophisticated and fully integrated investment growth calculator capabilities will automatically project your asset values on a year-by-year basis through age 100. VeriPlan's total assets graphics and data tables will indicate when your assets could be great enough to trigger estate taxes. VeriPlan's asset allocation calculator and investment risk analysis tools allow you to understand how your progress toward these asset value trigger points could vary. 

One of the first things that an estate attorney wants to know is “how much do you have now and how much will you have in the future?” Your current assets plus your anticipated future asset additions from positive cash flow and from investment portfolio growth can be important when structuring your estate plan. 

Once you have your estate plan in place, then your attorney can educate you about future financial trigger points that would prompt a revision your estate plan. VeriPlan's ability to function as lifetime net worth calculator and automatically develop year-by-year projections of your assets will allow you to anticipate your movement toward any of these estate planning trigger points.