VeriPlan's personal financial planning software helps you to understand the full lifetime costs of your excessive investment expenses 

Asset Growth Projections with Investment Costs

Excessive investment costs are a huge problem for the average individual investor. Excessive investment costs are a major factor undermining the financial welfare of millions of Americans. The potential value of investment portfolio assets lost through excessive investment costs across your lifecycle can be huge – even when your costs are at the industry's averages!  (See:  Controlling Investment Costs  and  Excessive investment costs are a huge problem for individual investors)

At the same time, you can easily avoid high investment costs. The most significant personal investment success factor that your can control is to lower your investment costs. When you drive the costs out of your investment portfolio, you give yourself a substantial head start over the average individual investor.

VeriPlan future value calculator functionality gives you fully automated investment cost-efficiency analysis. These valuable features can help you to understand the cumulative impact of unproductive investment costs. VeriPlan's investment growth calculator analyzes your future investment portfolio values across your lifecycle net of investment costs and investment taxes. Once you enter the investment cost characteristics of your current portfolio, VeriPlan handles the rest automatically.

VeriPlan develops projections that assume you will continue to acquire assets throughout your lifetime using the same level of cost-efficiency or cost-inefficiency that is apparent from your current investment portfolio. VeriPlan also provides a Cost-Effectiveness Tool that allows you to override your current investment costs. By flipping a single automated switch, you can tell VeriPlan to develop projections that reflect lifetime investment costs that you believe are reasonable to pay.

If your current portfolio costs exceed your reasonable cost assumptions, then VeriPlan will automatically measure the lifetime value of the financial assets that you would lose in the future, if you were to maintain your current practices regarding investment acquisition costs and investment maintenance costs.

Every VeriPlan projection automatically develops full lifetime projections that include these five primary types of investment costs:

1)  Fees to buy investments (e.g. front end loads)

2)  Investment portfolio management fees (e.g. the management expense ratio)

3)  Annual marketing and sales fees (e.g. 12b-1 fees for investment funds)

4)  Fund trading costs (e.g. portfolio trading and market impact costs, which are indicated by rates of portfolio turnover)

5)  Personal account custody fees, commissions, and advisory fees (e.g. wrap account fees or annual percent of assets charges on account balances for advice and client services, which are in addition to portfolio management charges)