VeriPlan helps you to project your future risk-adjusted returns in a scientific manner

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VeriPlan's lifecycle projections provide personally customized scenarios that reflect your current financial situation and your intentions about the future. At the same time, VeriPlan automatically projects future values for your assets, net of additions and withdrawals, which are in line with the very long-term historical trend. Unless you change these asset growth rates, VeriPlan will automatically apply average historical growth rates to your cash, bond, and stock assets and will reduce your projected returns by your investment costs and taxes.

VeriPlan also provides a very flexible Portfolio Risk Tool that enables you to test alternative projection scenarios with rates of returns that differ from the long-term historical trend. You can vary return assumptions downward or upward, either arbitrarily or in proportion to historical risk, as measured by asset class price volatility. In addition to testing future return variability in your portfolio, VeriPlan automatically measures the safety margin that your cash and bond portfolio assets might give you in the future relative to your projected expenses.

For your property, real estate, and other assets, which lack prices from real-time securities markets, you can provide VeriPlan with your own value and growth rate estimates. Using this information, VeriPlan will automatically project the lifecycle value of your property, real estate, and other assets net of your investment costs.