Publishing opportunities for the media

The Skilled Investor publishes objective investor education articles. These sensible articles help people to understand which investment strategies tend to work or not work.

Our articles are available to approved news organizations and websites for republishing. We do this to make our articles more broadly and easily available to investors.

To publish any article, you must first obtain written permission. If you would like to publish one or more articles, please send an email with the following information to

  1. Your name and title
  2. Your company name and complete mailing address
  3. Your telephone number
  4. Your website’s homepage URL
  5. If you intend to publish the article(s) on-line rather than in a hardcopy publication, include the URL of the section of your website where you intend to publish the article(s) from The Skilled Investor.
  6. The Titles and URLs of the article(s) from The Skilled Investor that you wish to publish. For example:
      1. Article title: Excessive investment costs are a huge problem for individual investors (Copy and paste the title text into your email from the body of the article.)
      1. Article URL: (Copy and paste the article link into your email from your browser’s navigation toolbar at the top.)

We will evaluate your proposal and respond with an email. When approved, we will send two versions of each article: .html and unformatted text.

As our written approval would state, you must publish each article in its entirety without any modifications to the text. Of course, you may reasonably alter the formatting style to conform to the look and feel of your publication or website. When you publish an article, you also must publish with the article a live link to the homepage and include a source attribution indicating that the article is from “The Skilled Investor” and that the article is being published with permission. This attribution would be as follows: "This copyrighted article from The Skilled Investor website ( is published with permission."

With our approval, publishing up to ONE (1) article at a time would be complimentary to you. Additional articles beyond three published simultaneously would require a reasonable fee. Concerning approved publication of up to ONE (1) complimentary articles or a series of complimentary articles published no more than ONE (1) at a time, you may do this for up to one year without any fee. For continued publication beyond one year, the parties would negotiate a reasonable fee in good faith.

Larry Russell, Editor

BS (MIT), MA (Brandeis), MBA (Stanford)