Quicken and VeriPlan Comparison Product Licensing and Purchase

In this series of short personal finance articles, The Skilled Investor compares the functionality of the Quicken and VeriPlan financial lifecycle planners. At the bottom of this article you will find links to the previous topic and the next topic. A link is also provided that returns you to the main topic listing of this comparison.*

VeriPlan Personal Financial Lifecycle Planner

VeriPlan is a fully integrated and automated personal investment calculator and projection engine for lifetime financial planning. VeriPlan is licensed and is for personal, non-commercial use by one (1) household to develop unlimited personal financial plans. The price of the VeriPlan software and one end user license is $49.95. This single license covers all Macintosh and Windows PCs owned by the household.

Quicken Retirement Planner

The Quicken Retirement Planner functionality is bundled into the Quicken expense tracking and bill paying software application. When this comparison was written, Intuit's list prices for Quicken versions with the Quicken Retirement Planner were: Deluxe ($59.99), Premier ($79.99), and Home & Business ($89.99). Some of the long-term planning functionality is not available with the lower priced product.

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* Lawrence Russell and Company is the publisher of The Skilled Investor and the developer of VeriPlan. The Skilled Investor has made an attempt to characterize factually the functionality of both the Quicken Retirement Planner and VeriPlan.

Lifetime Investment Portfolio

VeriPlan Financial Planning Spreadsheet Software