Quicken and VeriPlan Comparison User Documentation

In this series of short articles, The Skilled Investor compares the functionality of the Quicken and VeriPlan financial lifecycle planners. At the bottom of this article you will find links to the previous topic and the next topic. A link is also provided that returns you to the main topic listing of this comparison.*

VeriPlan Financial Projection Planner

All of VeriPlan's worksheets provide extensive documentation that is available on the worksheet next to user adjustments and data entry points, where the user needs to find it. VeriPlan also includes a ‘Viewpoints’ worksheet, which summarizes the scientifically based financial and investment viewpoints that have guided the design and development of VeriPlan. 

VeriPlan's User Guide Manual helps you to understand what VeriPlan can do for you. The VeriPlan product also includes internal documentation where you need it.

The free VeriPlan user manual is the second part of two books in one:

1) "Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning and Investing 


2) "The VeriPlan User Guide Manual"

You can download a copy of this free VeriPlan manual right now.

Download the Free VeriPlan User Guide manual

For other materials that are not directly related to VeriPlan's usability, VeriPlan and its manual both provide hyperlinks to articles on The Skilled Investor website and to materials elsewhere on the Internet. These other materials on the Internet are linked to via The Skilled Investor website, so that up-to-date links can be maintained for you on The Skilled Investor website.

Quicken Retirement Planner

Quicken has a separate electronic manual which is accessible through the "Help" pull-down menu. It is searchable by contents, index, or keywords.

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* Lawrence Russell and Company is the publisher of The Skilled Investor and the developer of VeriPlan. The Skilled Investor has made an attempt to characterize factually the functionality of both the Quicken Retirement Planner and VeriPlan.

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