VeriPlan financial software licensing, documentation, and guarantee (VeriPlan Overview: Part 7 of 7)

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All of VeriPlan's worksheets provide extensive and readily available documentation. Because of its embedded user instructions, a separate manual about VeriPlan's personal financial management software and investment growth calculator features is not necessary. Nevertheless, one is provided. This VeriPlan User Guide provides additional information about best practices in personal financial planning.

The VeriPlan User Guide also summarizes the financial planning, personal savings, retirement planning, and investment asset management viewpoints that guided the design and development of the VeriPlan financial software.

For other financial planning materials that are not directly related to usability, VeriPlan provides hyperlinks to financial planning and investing articles on The Skilled Investor website and to certain personal finance materials elsewhere on the Internet. These other personal finance materials on the Internet are linked to via The Skilled Investor website, so that up-to-date links can be maintained for you on out website.

Unconditional 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee:

VeriPlan is a personal financial planning software application. You need to purchase a legal license to use it. If after installing and using VeriPlan, you find that its financial calculators are not right for you for any reason, then you have 30 days to request a refund of the money that you paid for your VeriPlan license, including any sales taxes.

Lifetime Investment Portfolio

Windows PC and Macintosh Systems Platforms with Microsoft Excel:

The VeriPlan financial software runs in a standalone configuration. Internet connectivity will augment the financial planning information available to you, but Internet connectivity is not required. To operate, VeriPlan requires a relatively recent and moderately powerful Macintosh or Windows personal computer that runs any version of Microsoft Excel (2002 or later). That means almost every Windows PC or Mac currently running Microsoft Excel. For example, going back almost fifteen years, these are the configurations of two of our more ancient test machines that both provide virtually instant (under two seconds) recalculation of more computationally intensive changes to the data in the live VeriPlan version of the Sue and Sam Tutorial. Test PC #1: Dell Precision 220 (mfg. 2000), Intel Pentium III - 798MHz, 256MB of RAM, MS Windows XP Professional 2002-SP2, MS Excel 2002-SP3.  Test PC #2: Dell Inspiron 4150 (mfg. 2002), Pentium 4 – 1.79MHz, 256MB of RAM, MS Windows XP Home Edition-SP2, MS Excel 2002-SP3.

Software License and Purchase Information:

The VeriPlan financial software is licensed and is not sold. VeriPlan is only for personal, non-commercial use by one (1) household. When you comply with the end user license agreement, Lawrence Russell and Company grants to you a limited non-commercial, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-assignable license, without right to sublicense, for users who are subject to United States federal taxes to use VeriPlan.

The price of one (1) personal, non-commercial end user household license for the currently marketed version of VeriPlan can be found by clicking the hyperlinks above or below. Once the license has been paid for, you can download VeriPlan immediately. California residents will also pay currently applicable sales tax. Terms of purchase are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Lawrence Russell and Company.

For United States Taxpayers:

VeriPlan licenses are available for purchase by personal, non-commercial buyers who are subject to United States federal income taxes. VeriPlan's financial calculators model current U.S. income tax rates and capital gains tax regulations and limitations. Furthermore, VeriPlan incorporates current U.S. income tax laws regarding tax-advantaged retirement investment accounts, which can significantly affect projected asset values and the order and timing of investment portfolio deposits and withdrawals. While VeriPlan is not designed for use by persons in other countries, it has been customized by a few intrepid international buyers in several English-speaking countries.

The Best Financial Planning Software You Can Buy!

VeriPlan is a Great Help with Your Personal Financial Planning.

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