VeriPlan Overview

VeriPlan Overview 1 -- Personal finance decisions with VeriPlan

VeriPlan gives you significant personal insight into your most important personal finance and investment portfolio management decisions. Through comprehensive and customized lifecycle projections, VeriPlan's integrated financial calculators and investment calculators model your particular financial situation across your adult lifecycle. VeriPlan projects fully integrated scenarios about your income, expense budget, debts, investment portfolio assets, investment returns, and investment costs within the context of the U.S. federal, state, and local income taxes that apply to you. VeriPlan is a sophisticated and individually customizable family financial planning spreadsheet application. Designed initially to serve as a decision support application for advisory customers, almost a decade ago an individual user version of VeriPlan was released that home users can use by themselves. VeriPlan is now the most sophisticated and highly customized do-it-yourself retirement planning software which can be purchased on the market -- for well under the cost of competing financial planning software tools. You can go here on this website and get details about my: VeriPlan personal financial planning spreadsheet software

VeriPlan Overview 2 -- VeriPlan's organization and graphics

The VeriPlan personal finance software provides seventy-three user accessible worksheets organized into groups. VeriPlan provides extensive internal and external hyper-linking to help you to get around quickly. Each of VeriPlan’s 21 automated projection graphics covers ages 18 to 100 years in yearly increments. VeriPlan also automatically provides 21 data worksheets that provide tables with all the annual data that VeriPlan uses to draw each of its 21 projection graphics.

VeriPlan Overview 3 -- Your personal profile in VeriPlan

The fully integrated VeriPlan financial calculators and investment calculators use your inputs about your financial situation and investment portfolio to develop your current projection baseline. VeriPlan is a lifecycle projection model for 1 or 2 "earner/users" from 18 to 100 years old and for their family. A projection can begin at any age from 18 to 99. Regular employment and/or self-employment income can be projected for each user. VeriPlan also projects up to 10 separate pensions and annuities. VeriPlan automatically projects the pay-off of up to 25 current debts, and you can plan for the accelerated repayment of any or all debts.

VeriPlan Overview 4 -- Your investment portfolio assets in VeriPlan

For each of your current investment portfolio asset holdings, VeriPlan collects information about your share ownership amounts, values per share, investment costs, account taxability, and expected taxable capital gains distributions. VeriPlan automatically projects your net annual holdings by financial asset class, including new investments from future positive net investment returns, rebalancing to maintain your asset allocation strategy, and investment withdrawals to meet future expense budget requirements. Investment portfolio values are automatically projected net of personal living expenses, debt repayments, ordinary income taxes, capital gains taxes, and investment costs throughout your full lifecycle.

VeriPlan Overview 5 -- VeriPlan projects your US federal state and local lifecycle taxes

The VeriPlan financial calculators automatically project your lifecycle tax obligations in eight different tax categories. The VeriPlan financial software automatically projects your financial plan using the particular federal income tax rates, state income tax rates, and local income tax rates that currently apply to you. It also projects your income tax exemptions, tax adjustments, and tax deductions plus your property taxes and other taxes. To prevent obsolescence, VeriPlan allows you to change the tax rates and limits that it uses, in case tax laws change in the future.

VeriPlan Overview 6 -- VeriPlan's 10 financial planning tools and financial calculators

VeriPlan provides these 10 highly automated personal financial calculators and investment calculators including: 1) Asset Allocation Calculator, 2) Investment Cost-Effectiveness Calculator, 3) Expense and Savings Calculator, 4) Future Debt Calculator, 5) Historical Investment Returns Calculator, 6) Home Purchase Calculator, 7) Investment Portfolio Risk Calculator, 8) Portfolio Safety Calculator, 9) Retirement Calculator, and 10) Tax-Advantaged Retirement Planning Calculator.

VeriPlan Overview 7 -- VeriPlan financial software licensing, documentation, and tutorial

All of VeriPlan's worksheets provide extensive and readily available documentation. A separate manual about VeriPlan's financial calculators and investment calculators is not necessary, because operating instructions are embedded within VeriPlan. Nevertheless, we do supply a VeriPlan User Guide Manual with additional financial planning, retirement planning, and investment asset management materials. Look here to find ordering information for my VeriPlan home financial planning worksheet software Immediately following your order, you will be able to download VeriPlan and all other associated files.