DIY Personal & Retirement Financial Planning

Do-It-Yourself financial and investment planning Excel spreadsheet software

Where to invest in low cost mutual funds and ETFs

With this investment book about ETF and mutual funds fees and expenses, you can lower your portfolio investing costs, reduce your portfolio risk exposure, and understand how to invest in stocks and bonds funds directly This article is about a low cost investing book which is among the most helpful books on personal investing that […]

Financial and industrial demand for silver

Reasons why silver demand is on the rise Financial Planning Software for Consumers Precious metals have been on the decline as the Federal Reserve Bank has reduced and eliminated its last quantative easing stimulus program. Given gold prices today, many investors are convinced that the sentiment for gold and silver will mostly be bearish until […]

A Solid Credit Score for Young People

Why a Solid Credit Score Might Be a Young Person’s Best Investment It’s easy for young investors to get ahead of themselves, diving in headfirst without learning the basics of trading stocks or by attempting to exploit inefficiencies in the futures markets, when only they themselves are being exploited. The truth, however, is that failing […]

Day Trading Is a Terrible Idea

Why Day Trading Is a Terrible Idea Investing success is built upon the idea of buying an asset at a discounted price, and then holding it for a long period of time as the value of the asset steadily rises due to the expected risk premium inherent in holding your capital in a risky asset. […]

Property Loss Can Dent Your Finances

Homeowners live with the fear of break-ins and burglary. Those living in areas prone to floods or earthquakes have an added risk, that of losing their home and property to these natural disasters. But it is not only homeowners who are affected. Renters, too, can lose property to thieves, floods or fires as safety for […]

Learning about personal finance and investing

Learning about personal finance and investing The investment strategy that I always suggest is a “completely passive, globally diversified, always invested, never switch to beat the market” investment strategy. This kind of investment strategy is a very low maintenance investment strategy. From many respects, you set it, and you forget it. Except for: the need […]

You are a financial industry profit center

Why allow the financial industry to help itself to your money? This blog provides you with objective information that could solidify a lifelong commitment on our part to low cost investing. Low cost investing is how you keep more of your own investments for your family, instead of naively giving your money to the financial […]

Market Turbulence and Portfolio Fine Tuning

Markets are in turmoil once again as the “Greek Tragedy” continues to play out on the European stage. German and French banks are girding for a possible default, and the fear of the contagion spreading to the weaker member states of the Eurozone is freezing investors in their tracks. Stock markets are down on a […]

Professional Forex Trading

Forex Trading: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Professional Trader? Alternative investment vehicles have received a great deal of attention over the past few years, as investors have grown weary of fluctuating stock markets and sideways trading patterns. Commodities and options have drawn a share of the action, but the largest beneficiary […]

Teach Kids to Find Their Investor Personality

[Note: The following is a guest article from the “Ask Anne Blog.” It is published here as a courtesy. The opinions expressed here are the opinions of the “Ask Anne Blog“, and are not necessarily those of The Skilled Investor. The Skilled Investor received no compensation for the publication of this courtesy article.] Find Home Financial […]

How many stocks are needed for a well-diversified portfolio?

Industry rules-of-thumb often state that 15 to 30 stocks are enough for a well-diversified portfolio. This can be very misleading. Recent studies point out that industry rules-of-thumb on the number of stocks needed for a well-diversified portfolio are simply not adequate. These rules-of-thumb most often state that 15 to 30 stocks are enough. “The Truth […]

The Optimal Investment Strategy for Individual Investors

The Solution – ONLY follow financial strategies that are scientific, passive, diversified, savings focused, risk controlled, low cost, and tax efficient A previous article, “The Problem – Straight answers about personal financial and investment planning are difficult to find,” summarized important reasons why individuals may experience difficulties, even if they are intent upon doing better […]

Have You Given Enough to the Financial Services Industry?

Why don’t we hear about the real financial sector scandals, which are exorbitant fees and costs that cause a continuous wealth transfer from individuals to the financial services industry? This article follows a recent article entitled “The Financial Services Industry is Still the Largest S&P 500 Sector – Even after the Collapse of its Stock […]

Objective Personal Finance Answers Are Hard to Find

The Problem – Straight answers about personal financial planning and investment management are difficult to find In this article, The Skilled Investor summarizes some of the significant problems faced by ordinary individuals, when they attempt to plan their family finances. This is the first in a series of articles that will provide scientifically grounded decision […]

Are Your Financial Planning and Investing Strategies Scientific?

Your financial planning and investing strategies should have a scientific basis A previous article, “The Solution – ONLY follow financial strategies that are scientific, passive, diversified, savings focused, risk controlled, low cost, and tax efficient,” suggested that individuals are much better off with a well-considered financial viewpoint. A stable set of financial beliefs can help […]

Most Individual Investors Are Poor Personal Portfolio Managers

Most individual investors are poor investment portfolio managers Investors more easily understand investment costs that are directly measurable, such as fees deducted on investment statements. However, many investors ignore or are unaware of the “opportunity costs” of their sub-optimal investment behaviors. Opportunity costs are usually much more difficult to measure directly, but these investment costs […]

Passive Personal Investment Strategies are More Time Efficient with Better Returns and Risk Control

The scientific investment literature indicates that passive investment strategies usually are more time efficient, while they also increase returns and add more value to your investment portfolio. For example, given the diversification imperative, it is highly questionable whether the vast majority of individual investors should own any common stocks or bonds directly. Instead, they can […]

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