VeriPlan helps you to plan financially for buying a home in the future

VeriPlan's Home Purchase Tool automates the lifecycle financial planning process associated with future residential home purchases. VeriPlan automatically takes into account: the planned purchase price, closing costs, settlement cash required, mortgage debt to be assumed, interim expected real estate price changes, and subsequent expected real estate price appreciation.

After any number years that you set for a future home purchase have elapsed, VeriPlan will automatically set up a new real estate asset in your lifecycle projection plan. VeriPlan will automatically adjust interim real estate values, purchase costs, future real dollar growth rates, tax basis, etc. It will liquidate sufficient cash, bond, and stock assets to fund the projected home price and purchase closing costs minus the planned mortgage debt principal.

VeriPlan will automatically set up and amortize an associated tax-deductible mortgage loan using your specifications for this mortgage loan. It will project and adjust any taxes and any costs affected by this new home ownership across your full lifecycle. Furthermore, VeriPlan will automatically reflect this future home purchase in its projection graphics and data worksheets.

If you currently rent your residence and you want to buy a first home, you could use this VeriPlan tool to evaluate the projected lifecycle financial tradeoffs of renting versus owning your primary residence. You can develop projections that reflect an apples-to-apples comparison of your current home rental versus the future purchase of an equivalent home. Alternatively, you can compare your current home rental to a situation in which the home you plan to purchase upgrades the quality of your housing.

You can also use VeriPlan's Home Purchase Tool, if you already own your primary residence – with or without a mortgage – and you want to purchase another home at some point in the future. VeriPlan will automatically combine the financial effects associated with the home that you already own and the home that you plan to purchase in the future.

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