Quicken and VeriPlan Comparison Retirement Income, including Social Security, Pensions, Deferred Compensation, and Annuities

In this series of short articles, The Skilled Investor compares the functionality of the Quicken and VeriPlan financial lifecycle planners. At the bottom of this article you will find links to the previous topic and the next topic. A link is also provided that returns you to the main topic listing of this comparison.*

VeriPlan Retirement Income Planner

Concerning your Social Security retirement payments, you can set current dollar levels in VeriPlan for your entitlements, adjust the age to begin to receiving payments, and scale back the amount of your projected Social Security payments in retirement, if you wish.    (See:  VeriPlan helps you to understand your projected lifecycle income from multiple sources)

On VeriPlan's Pensions and Annuities worksheet, you can enter up to 10 separate pensions and annuities. For each of your pensions or annuities, VeriPlan will automatically project: a) the dollar amount of the monthly payment, b) separate real dollar growth rates before and after the first payment, c) whether payments begin at a specific age or at either user’s retirement, d) duration of payments, and e) taxability of payments.    See:  VeriPlan helps you to plan for your retirement

Quicken Retirement Planner

The Quicken Retirement Planner provides similar functionality related to Social Security retirement payments, pensions, and annuities.

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* Lawrence Russell and Company is the publisher of The Skilled Investor and the developer of VeriPlan. The Skilled Investor has made an attempt to characterize factually the functionality of both the Quicken Retirement Planner and VeriPlan.

VeriPlan Retirement Income Spreadsheet Planner