Personal finance decisions with VeriPlan (VeriPlan Overview: Part 1 of 7)

VeriPlan is a sophisticated and highly customized family financial planning software application. Developed initially to be a personal decision application for financial advisory customers, in 2006 an individual user version of VeriPlan was first offered that home individuals could use by themselves. Every year since then, it has been enhanced and updated.

VeriPlan is now the most sophisticated and personally customizable do-it-yourself best personal finance software that can be purchased on the market -- and for far below the price of competitors' financial planning software.

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VeriPlan is available for immediate downloading and runs on any Windows PC or Mac with MS Excel.

VeriPlan gives you significant personal insight into your most important personal finance and investment portfolio decisions. Through comprehensive and customized lifecycle projections, VeriPlan's integrated financial calculators and investment calculators model your particular financial situation across your adult lifecycle. VeriPlan projects fully integrated scenarios about your income, expense budget, debts, investment portfolio assets, investment returns, and investment costs within the context of the U.S. federal, state, and local income taxes that apply to you. VeriPlan presents all your personal lifecycle financial modeling information in clear graphics and data tables.

You can easily customize any of your personal data and settings in VeriPlan. After you make any modification, VeriPlan's financial calculators and investment calculators automatically and instantaneously revise your complete lifetime projection. As you use VeriPlan's rich set of fully integrated “what if” financial modeling tools, you take control of your own financial, investment, and retirement planning.

Personal Users: VeriPlan helps self-directed personal users to understand the possible future implications of current financial planning behaviors. VeriPlan projections model the lifecycle finances of one or two adult users and their dependents. Any family member who resides in the same household may use VeriPlan.

VeriPlan can help you to analyze important personal finance decisions, including:


  • What are the long-term economic benefits of changing positions or employers?
  • Would returning to school to improve my career skills make economic sense?


  • What tradeoffs are associated with accelerating mortgage loan payments or other debt repayments? 


  • Will I be have enough college savings to pay for my children’s education?


  • How could my savings rate and investment strategy affect the size of my estate?
  • After my living expenses, how much could I give or bequeath to family and charities? 


  • How large might my exposures to insurable financial risks be over time?
  • How might different budgets for insurance premiums affect my lifecycle financial plan?

Investment Costs:

  • What investment returns might I earn net of investment costs?
  • How much could I waste on unproductive investment costs?
  • How might I optimize my investment returns, while keeping costs to a minimum?

Investment Returns:

  • How does my current investment strategy compare with a scientific strategy focused on long-term, risk-adjusted returns net of investment costs and capital gains tax?  

Investment Risk:

  • What returns might I expect from the balance of expected investment returns and investment risks that I have chosen?
  • Am I saving enough to stay in my investment risk and return comfort zone and still reach my financial planning goals?
  • If I were to lose income in the future, how long would my liquid investment portfolio assets cover my projected expense budget? 

New Business:

  • What are the likely long-term benefits and risks, if I forego current income to start a business?
  • Could I self-fund my business venture or would I need external capital? 

Real Estate:

  • When will I have sufficient capital for a real estate purchase?
  • How would increased mortgage debt affect my investment portfolio and other financial goals? 


  • Would I have sufficient investment assets to retire early?
  • Would my investment assets be adequate to cover my expenses, if I live a very long time?
  • What is a relatively safe asset portfolio withdrawal plan? 


  • Am I saving at a sufficient rate to fund all our future financial planning goals?
  • How much benefit might I expect from increasing my income and/or reducing my expense budget?
  • What is the long-term value of saving most of my bonus?


  • Am I managing my investments from an income tax efficiency standpoint?
  • How much should I put into either taxable, traditional retirement accounts, or Roth retirement accounts?
  • Would my retirement portfolio assets be adequate after my income taxes and other taxes are paid?

VeriPlan Is Simply The Best Financial Planning Software You Can Buy!

No Support Contract Required; No Need To Buy Upgrades, Since All Parameters Are User-Changeable

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Advisory Users: VeriPlan is a valuable tool for financial advisors who serve the fiduciary interests of their financial planning clients. Advisors can obtain a right-to-use VeriPlan on behalf of their clients, when they provide VeriPlan to their clients.