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VisitBoston College CRR Financial Literacy Project Popular Last Update: May/3/2012 19:24
In 2009, the Social Security Administration established the Financial Literacy Research Consortium (FLRC) to do the following:
* help foster retirement and other saving strategies at all stages of the life cycle,
* help low and moderate income populations successfully plan and save for retirement and other life events, and
* improve understanding of Social Security's programs.

The FLRC consists of three non-partisan, multidisciplinary research centers at Boston College, the RAND Corporation, and the University of Wisconsin. In part because the Boston College Center for Financial Literacy is held within the larger and already established Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, this one of these three FLRC centers has a particularly rich list of documents that are of practical use to individuals who are making decisions about Social Security for their families. This is a link to the BC Center for Financial Literacy. Once you are at this center's website, also look around more broadly on the CRR website, because is offers a wealth of interesting and useful retirement information.

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