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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about VeriPlan and The Skilled Investor

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How do I register with The Skilled Investor?
If you wish to register with The Skilled Investor, we ask for the following information:

1) A username of your choice (required)

2) Your email address (required)
[This site uses affirmative user account activation. After registering on this site, we will send an automated message to you. To affirm your interest and activate your account, just click on the link provided in the email.]
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3) Your website, if any (optional)

4) Your timezone (optional)

5) A password of your choice (required)

6) You will be asked to decide whether you wish to receive email notices from The Skilled Investor and its administrators and moderators. (optional, using the "opt-in" method)

7) You will be asked to agree to communicate politely with other members and to abide by the Terms of Use. (required)

Once you are registered, you will have an account with preferences that you can view and edit at any time.

Why should I register with The Skilled Investor?
In the interest of openness, any visitor may read The Skilled Investor's financial planning and investment education articles, forums, FAQ, and web links.

If you register, you will be able to make comments on articles and in the VeriPlan user forum. You can also respond to the comments of others.

When you register, an account will be established, which you can modify at any time. You may choose whether or not to receive email from The Skilled Investor.

If you elect to receive email from The Skilled Investor, then a newsletter will be emailed to you infrequently, meaning no more than once per month. If at any time you wish to stop receiving our communications, simply log into your account and change your email preference.

As stated to our Privacy Policy, we DO NOT sell, rent, or otherwise provide your user information to third parties.
How do I submit my comments?
You must first be registered with The Skilled Investor website, before you can post any comments to the site.

At the bottom of each article or user forum topic is a listing of comments that may have been submitted. If you want to make a comment, please click the "Post Comment" bottom. Chose a descriptive title for your comment that will make it easy for others to understand your main point. Then, type your comment into the large Message box. If you want to submit unformatted text, just click "Post Comment." Other formatting controls and a "Preview" button are available, if you wish to use them.

All comments will be screened by a moderator prior to being displayed on the site. This is unfortunately necessary, because a few people in cyberspace seem to have a lot of time on their hands, and they specialize in comments that are off topic, juvenile, and/or generally offensive to others.

The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.
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